About lab grown meat

A couple of years ago scientists created in the lab animal meat that did not take the like of any animal. The first lab created meat made a hamburger that cost thousands of dollars. Now lab created meat is commercially available at a reasonable price.

Now they have created animal milk and it also does not harm animals. No animals are used to make the milk.

I will not eat the lab grown meat but I believe it is a great advancement. Now it is commercially available.

I will promote both advancements to non-vegans. I will continue promoting veggie milks to anyone. Veggie milks are growing and cows milks are decreasing. This is great for animals, the environment, and peoples health.

Veganism is growing all over the world. Just look at Efecto Verde (Green Effect) in Portugal. It started in Dr. Mendes' bedroom and has grown to a new built large warehouse with a huge variety of vegan items. It now distributes vegan items include foods throughout Europe and Brazil.

Insert date: 2020-12-12 Last update: 2020-12-12

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