What is a Vegan?

Some people are purest and feel that a vegan should only be one for ethical reasons.  I believe that the word has expanded to included people that are vegan for health reasons.  A smaller percentage is vegan for environmental reasons.  We can criticize each of these points of view.  There are health vegans and environmental vegans that will go out and hunt and fish.  That really upsets most ethical vegans since they are vegan in order to save the life of animals.  Hunting and fishing can not be called ethical. 

I, and many other vegans, became vegan purely for ethical reasons.  As time went on we also saw the health advantages and the environmental reasons.  This same thing also happens to most of those who are vegan for health and environmental reasons.   Even if the health and environmental vegans never see the ethical side of veganism at least they are still saving animals lives.  In almost every case, the few animals that the hunters and fishermen kill are far less than the animals that they save by not eating animals.  So let us work with those that are vegan from health and environmental reasons. 

I have even advocated people to phase in veganism.  It is very difficult to go cold turkey (an odd statement for a vegan).

Insert date: 2016-12-30 Last update: 2016-12-30

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