Riots & killings

Vegans have been living with flesh eaters for centuries. We do not like the fact that people are eating animals but we do not riot. We do not want people eating our friends but rioting is not the answer. Those rioting around the USA for various reasons need to take lessons from us.

In the long term, rioting accomplishes nothing. Actually, it could do the opposite of what they want to accomplish. California had built up a lot of hatred for Japanese during WWII and that extended to those of Japanese ancestry and other Asians. They did not riot and they became good citizens. Their homes became the talk of the neighborhood. Soon everyone wanted an Asian in their neighborhood. On the other hand most Blacks were not wanted in anyone's neighborhood.  Remember the early 50's allowed deeds to have exclusion clauses. People ignored the clauses with those of Asian ancestry. They did not ignore the clauses for Blacks. The more that they rioted the more that Whites reacted against them.

Hatred can not cease by hatred. It can only cease by non-hatred. That is a quote from the Buddha. There is so much truth to that quote. We do not have to love people that are different then us but at the same time we do not have to hate them. Practice non-hatred and enter into dialog. Not all Blacks are rioters and not all Blacks are killers. Most Blacks are good people that just wants to get married, raise a family, have good friends, and have a good job. Is that the same thing that we all want? Live and let live!

Insert date: 2020-06-06 Last update: 2020-06-06

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