More About Rioting

All major religions teaches love over hate. Of course there are those in
every religion that distorts the teachings of their founder. Let us take
the good from every religion and forget the distortions.


The riots in the USA has spread to many major cities. It is no longer
now about Mr. George Floyd. It is about destroying as much as they can.
What I have been reading about Mr. Floyd, he was called a gentle giant.
He was a man who was a security guard. No one interviewed said anything
negative about him. Anyway it would not matter what kind of man he was.
He did not deserve what happened to him. No one deserves what happened
to Mr. Floyd.

I hope that if we had a vegan man killed because of his vegan beliefs,
we would not riot. I could understand us protesting and if it was close
enough to Midland, Texas, I would join a peaceful protest. I am a very
strong vegan but that still would not be a valid reason to riot.

Insert date: 2020-05-31 Last update: 2020-05-31

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