A word about discrimination

Today we had another Black man killed by a police man. The police officer kept his knee on the man's neck for over five minute. The man kept saying that he could not breath. This is not me speculating, it was the video that was very clear.

A young Black man was jogging and he was shot twice with a shot gun by a white man and his father. Again it was a video that showed what actually happened.

Those two stories are sad but in each case it was generally just one or a few people involved. In the third story that I will mention involved a large number of prejudice people. Prejudice people are attacking people of Asian ancestry. They are blaming those for causing the Coronavirus in the world. The Asian ancestry people are being spit on, verbally insulted, and even beat up. It is stupid enough that they blame those of Chinese ancestry but even worse is people born and raised in the USA. They are not Chinese but rather they are Americans.

Why are we not attacking the English or the German since we went to war with both? The so called Asian-American can generally be identified by their race while Germans and English looks just like any other Anglo. Discrimination must stop in the world. It must start with us!

Insert date: 2020-05-27 Last update: 2020-05-27

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