A Vegan Opportunity

I am part owner of a vegan distribution company that distributes vegan items throughout Europe and Brazil since almost two decades ago.

We are now trying to find a partner to open and run our operation in the United States and Canada. The partner will own part of the company after proving they can run it. The name of the company in Europe would translate as Green Effect. In the USA we will create another name for our part of the world. We can cover the entire continent, first online then possibly establishing physical sales points or distribution centers in different countries. The role of the partner is to set up the business, create the company and a warehouse to receive and ship orders.  The online part of the business and software, as well as first inventory, can be imported from Europe.
If you or someone else that you know would love a vegan business opportunity then get in touch with me and we will see what we can do.

Insert date: 2020-04-15 Last update: 2020-04-15

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