Working at Home!

Throughout the world countries are quarantining their citizens and having them work at home if at all possible. This Coronavirus is bad but it just might bring about some changes in the world. First, the custom of shaking hands may be eliminated. It is a good way to spread Coronavirus or any other virus or diseases. So one of the Asian custom would be much better. The Japanese bow and most other countries in Asia place their hands together and nod.

Second, while working at home we use the telephone and the Internet. We could improve that by adding video to the home office. This way the boss could check up on their employees.

Third, it would allow for smaller offices since the employees would not be working in the company offices.

Fourth, Employees would not have to drive to work which saves them time driving to and from work and gas money for their vehicles.


Insert date: 2020-04-12 Last update: 2020-04-12

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