Dog shows

People at the dog shows prance their dogs around in order to win ribbons. These dog shows have the dogs coming from dog breeders in order to get the most exotic dogs from specialized breeding programs.  I am not in favor of that but I am in favor of people getting their companion animals from shelters.

Back in the mid-50's we had dogs that were half cockier spaniel and half dachshund. They were beautiful puppies. My mother told us to sell them for $50.00 which in today's money is equivalent to $500.00. We were to call them pure bred "toy cockier's".  We sold the entire litter. People bought them thinking that they were getting something special when they were actually getting the same kind of dog that they could get at an animal shelter. What we were taught to do was wrong but it shows how people put value on things.
How much is a beautiful stone worth? It is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. If a person found it in the dirt and sold it to someone for a dollar, is that its worth? If that person went on to sell it for five dollars, is that its value? The price could keep going up until it sells for thousands of dollars. Is that its value? The answer is yes and no. It could be worth the dollar or it could be worth the thousands of dollars.
The puppies that we sold for $50.00 could easily be worth the money but what we did wrong was to lie about the bred. If we told the truth, the puppies might have been worth only a few dollars (less than $50.00 in today's money). So the value of something is what a buyer and seller agrees it is worth. Honesty should always be part of the equation. 

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