A Vegan Assisted Living Center

I am 78 years old (born in 1941) and I am not sure how much longer that I can maintain independent living.  I have been trying to buy an assistant living center for a while with no luck. When I find one, I will make the cafeteria totally vegan with the people having the option to have a non-vegan meal delivered from an outside restaurant and eaten in the cafeteria.

Here are three ideas that might help those that are ready for an assisted living center or a nursing home:

First, a person can have meals delivered from an outside restaurant that has vegan meals. It is an expensive option but at least you can eat vegan. Even if the restaurant does not have delivery service there are ways around it. Many cities now have delivery services that will pick up your meals and deliver it to you. Also some of the employees at the assistant living center or nursing home may pick up your meals. You just have to ask and you may be surprised.

Second, you can get permission to prepare your own simple frozen vegan meals in a microwave oven. Some companies are now making very healthy vegan frozen meals. Again an expensive option.

Third, here is a link to The Vegetarian Resource Group with a list of centers that have vegan options: https://www.vrg.org/seniors/senior_vegan.php

Insert date: 2019-06-19 Last update: 2020-02-15

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