How to Become a Vegan

Going cold turkey (an odd statement for a vegan) is not that easy.  There are several ways to become a vegan which are much easier to make the transition and each has its pros and cons.

1. Start by eating vegan one day a week.  That will show that eating vegan is not that difficult.  As you feel good about that one day a week then increase it to two days a week.  Keep increasing it until you eat vegan every day.  For some this is the best way to become a vegan.  Others find it difficult to move to two days a week and so forth.  Some begin feeling that one day a week is enough. 

2.  Cut back on the amount of flesh, dairy, and eggs that you eat daily.  Start with a 50% cutback.  Then when you feels comfortable with that then cut back 50% of the 50% from what you already cut back.  Eventually, you will become a vegan.  For some it is difficult to decide what is 50%.  How does a steak compared to a ham sandwich towards that 50%?  

3.  Eat vegan options like Amy's vegan meals.  Then you can slowly start substituting the vegan meals with more plant based options.  That is not saying that Amy's meals are unhealthy.  I am just saying that the commercially produced vegans options are expensive so those kind of vegan meals may not be something that you can afford eating them everyday.  On the other hand, a plant based vegan diet can be less expensive and healthier than a SAD diet (Standard American Diet). 

4.  Eliminate flesh right away but still eat dairy and eggs.  Then start cutting back on dairy and eggs until they too are eliminated.  So that would be going vegetarian right away and then phasing in a vegan diet.  If you are not already a vegetarian then it could be more difficult than one of the other options on this list. 

5. You can go directly to a vegan diet.  This can be the most difficult way to become vegan.  Many who go that route find it too difficult.  Why would it be that difficult?  I was a vegetarian for 29 years before I decided to become a vegan.  It was small things that made it difficult like what to put in my breakfast cereal.  I started by using fruit juices in my cereal.  Then I discovered veggie milks.  That was before Silk soy milk was in the dairy section.  I also used Miracle Wipe on my sandwiches and I had problems substituting it until I went to a health food store and found Nanonaise.  What I am trying to point out is that there is a learning curve in becoming a vegan.  That is why many find it too difficult unless they have a guide or use one of the methods above.     

Insert date: 2017-01-03 Last update: 2017-07-15

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