Tai Pei Meals

I have been a vegetarian for 44 years and the last 15 years of that time I have been a vegan.  I keep learning something new about veg'nism every few weeks.  Recently I found a great tasting meal.  It was Tai Pei's Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls.  I purchased them at Wal-Mart for $2.50 for 11.4 ounces.  They were delicious!  I was going to buy another package and they were out of that package.  I saw another package that was a little larger and was a little more expensive.  On the front of the package it said the same Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls and it was the same company.  After eating the entire package I noticed that on the larger package there was an ingredient that was not vegan.  I can not remember right off hand what that was.  I called the company to find out why both said the same thing but had different ingredients.  To my surprise I found out something

shocking.  Even though the ingredients showed that they were all vegan they were not.  The woman I talked to said that she was also a vegan.  She said that neither meals were vegan.  She said that they were cooked in the same oils as spring rolls with eggs and flesh.  I think that she even said that the oils were not vegan.  Of course they would not be if they had non-vegan food cooked in them.  Obviously I no longer eat any of Tai Pei's meals. 

I also placed a complaint with the company along with my phone number.  About a week later I received a call and she discussed several things with me.  The company wanted to know my concerns.  Not only did I tell her but I also gave many suggestions.  I said that if they would just cook the rolls in a separate container they could label them vegan.  I also told her that I would give a nice write up on this blog if the meal became vegan.  After all, they were delicious.  I also told her that we won a law suit against McDonalds for almost the same thing.  They cooked their french fry's in animal shorting.  I am not sure that it is legal to not disclose that they cooked their rolls in non-vegan oils.  If I had more time I would check out the law.  We need to stop this injustice.  If you want to call them, their phone number is 1-866-536-8008.  Please be polite when you call.  You will accomplish far more by being polite than you will by yelling or getting upset.  The more calls the better.  If you do call I want to thank you.

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