Veganism & the Heart

Here is something that will help convince others why veganism will help them.  I have two leaky heart valves!  My cardiologist stated that I would have to have mechanical heart valves if I was not on a vegan diet.  You might ask why a vegan diet will keep me from having to have mechanical heart valves.  That is a valid question.  I will tell you why.

A good vegan diet keeps the arteries clean which keeps the blood flowing with the right presure.  That allows the heart action to work even with the blood flowing back into the heart with the valves not closing completely.  On the SAD (Standard American Diet) I would probably have some blockage in my arteries which would cause a heart attack.  To prevent that I would have to have the mechanical heart valves.  With clean arteries that I have by being on a vegan diet I can avoid the artifical valves.  Clean arteries have many more valuable reasons for ones health.  So this is another reason for people to be on a vegan diet.  I hope that you can use this information.

Insert date: 2011-06-12 Last update: 2011-06-12

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