Gas Prices at the Pump

On a past ABC Evening News segment it showed where gas was a few cents below $5.00 per gallon.  Across the street was a service station with gas about a dollar less.  It is obvious that there was, and maybe it still is, a lot of gas gouging going on in the USA.  The good part is that people are starting to conserve.  People are starting to combine trips to the supermarket, shopping centers, etc.   Some are even driving slower which saves gas.  Some are checking the air pressure of their tires which also saves gas.  Others are driving with less jack rabbit starts.  This is something that everyone should have been doing all along.

More wind and solar energy production is

now being put on the drawing board.   As soon as the gas prices drop we will see some of the plans abandoned and people will go back to their old energy wasting habits.  We in the USA are so short sighted.  We can not look at the future.  Every president, both Republican and Democrat, that I can remember, has said that they were going to do something to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.  None of them have done more than just talk.  Hopefully Obama will be the first to actually do something.  I should somewhat correct one thing.  Former President Ford actually proposed that we develop electric cars and he put government money into developing them.  That plan was not really pushed and it soon died when gas prices went back down.

Most people feel that I am crazy to advocate higher gas prices but maybe what I am writing will show that I just look at the future and not just no more than a couple of weeks.  We need to think globally and not just what is best for our family today.  If we can produce something like inexpensive fusion nuclear power we can help the entire world except for the oil producing countries.  We need to stay away from fission nuclear power as Japan has shown us.  We really need to develop a world view.  That is why about half of my net worth will be sent to countries outside the USA when I die.  Shortly we will be at seven billion people in this world.  Most of these people are eating our friends the animals.  We are all interrelated in one way or another.  That includes the other animals (I say other animals because we are also animals).

When I lost everything and came down to West Texas with a net worth of a negative $27,000.00, I had another choice.  I could have gone back to San Diego, California and with my degrees and experiences, I could have found a well paying job and quit being an entrepreneur.  My other choice, which I picked, was to go to Pecos, Texas and start over and remain an entrepreneur.  For several years I lived like a homeless person.  It was tough but I did it.  I lived on macaroni and cheese (I was not a vegan back then but I was a vegetarian), rice, and homemade pizzas (day old pita bread, pizza sauce, cheese, and other items and placed the pizzas in my microwave oven).  Of course I ate other things but they were all on special, marked down, or just low priced.  I drove beat up cars, bought thrift shop clothing and other things from them, and practiced energy conservation.  Because of these measures I have built back up.  Anyone can do it but it takes sacrifice now to have a better future.  That is a lesson that this country needs to learn.  Instead of our country going down hill, we can again get better.  What are you going to do?

Insert date: 2011-03-18 Last update: 2016-02-11

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