In Pecos, Texas many years ago the Whites had been treating the Hispanics almost like slaves.  The Hispanic population continued growing because they continued having large families.  Then one day when they had about 50% of the population there was an incident that changed Pecos' history.  What happened is still in dispute.  The Whites have one story and the Hispanics have another.  There was a fight where a few high school kids got into a fight over race.  I can not remember how many of each race was killed.  I just know that when I bought what was called "Al's Drive In" I heard the story.  Well, it was the beginning of the Whites rule.  Soon the Hispanics starting integrating the all White areas of the city.  Whites started fleeing the city and when I moved there in 1989 the population was about 84% Hispanic.  Today it is somewhere around 96% Hispanic.  I thought about this when I saw what unfolded in Egypt.  Hopefully the Egyptians are now going to be free.  You can not put people down forever.  We see this all over the world and it even happened in the USA.  It even happened in Pecos, Texas.  Now WWVD.

Veganism is increasing around the World.  One day our percentage of the population is going to be large enough to make flesh eaters feel threatened.  When this happens "What Will Vegans Do" (WWVD)?  Already there are flesh eaters that feel that we are a real threat to them.  We know that is so far from the truth but for some twisted reason many flesh eaters can not understand that.  So what would we do if war was declared on vegans in your country?  Would you demonstrate, fight back, try to educate, or something else?  I believe in a pre-emptive attack.  We need to start educating flesh eaters now.  Just by getting all flesh eaters, on average, to decrease their consumption of animals saves billions of animals each year.  It also causes them to be less threatened by us.  That just might keep us from having a stupid war with the flesh eaters. 

I know, you may think that I am being paranoid.  No, I am not!  Just look at the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.  They are all Christians but they are fighting each other for stupid reasons.  The same is true with the Sunni's and Shiites in Iraq.  Again they are the same religions but different sects.  People fight wars for the dumbest reasons.  What could be dumber than fighting us because we respect life?  As we grow to a larger percentage of the population, we become a greater threat to flesh eaters.  So if this day comes the question will be WWVD?

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