An Intelligent Dog

Tonight (9 February 2011) on ABC Evening News they had a segment about an amazing dog.  He can listen to his psychologist companion human and then find dolls and stuffed toy animals which he was told before what their names were.  Even in a pile of dolls and other toys he can find the toy that he was ask to find.  The reporter decided to check it out and found that he had a 100% correct find over many tries.  The talking head on ABC had to find out for herself if it worked.  It did!  Oh, I can not leave out something that was even more amazing.  The reporter brought a toy that the dog never saw before.  He then placed the new toy in with other toys that he knew.  When ask to find the new toy which they gave a name to, the dog found it after two tries.  The first attempt he just looked over the other toys and finally came back to the reporter without bringing anything.  When the reporter again ask him to find the toy by its name, he found it.  He did it by eliminating the toys that he knew and picking the one that he did not know.

Many years ago I tried something that also showed me that dogs can understand a limited amount of the English language.  We had a companion dog named Prancer.  He was a very bright Miniature German Schnauzer.  I would say "Prancer go to bed".  He would go directly to his bed.  I tried to look the other way and use different vocal tones and every time he would go to his bed.  No matter how much I varied it or how many days between, he know what I was asking and he did it.  I took out the variables and he always knew what I asked.  So no one can tell me that dogs and other animals do not have intelligence, emotions, and feelings.  These are sentient beings.  These are animals that we eat for food even though there is no scientific reason why we have to eat them. We experiment on them because we think that they will save human lives even though their anatomies are much different then ours.  We use them for sports and other things for our pleasure without thinking about their lives.  This needs to stop!  We may be a small percentage of the Worlds population but we are making a difference.  We are saving the lives of many sentient beings.  We are continuing to do this every day.  We are vegans!

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