Heart Problems

On a Barbra Walters special on ABC, they covered open heart surgery.  Most of the problems were clogged arteries.  I have two leaky heart valves but the difference is that I am vegan.  That has kept my arteries clean so I do not have to have mechanical heart valves (I would refuse pig valves).  My cardiologists all said that my veganism has kept my arteries clean.  I ask each of them if they were also vegan and they also said no.  I ask them why they were not vegan if they know that the vegan diet keeps most people from having heart problems.  They all said that they should be vegans but they just did not have the discipline to eat vegan. 

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So now I have an excellent excuse to make sure that restaurants will cook my meal, vegan.  It also causes people to accept me instead of criticizing my vegan choice.  I just tell them the truth.  I tell them that I have a choice of eating vegan or having mechanical heart valves.  I then ask them which choice would they take?  They all say, a vegan diet.  I do not tell them that I am a vegan for ethical reasons.  Of course the health reason is a great side effect of being vegan.  The Barbra Walters special interviewed several famous people that had open heart surgery.  Former President Clinton said that he now eats vegan and he now feels great.  So did Robin Williams say that he now eats vegan.  The other famous people just said that they changed the way that they eat.  Some of them may be vegan but they did not say so.  Your being a vegan may save your life just as it saves the life of many animals.  Thanks for being a vegan.

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