The Upcoming Depression

You can now see the beginning of the changes that has to be done to keep our country from going bankrupt.  It is only going to get worse before it gets better.  I have a suggestion to help keep vegans vegan during the upcoming hard times.  We need to set up classes to teach vegans how to cook and eat food for less money that are also nutritious than non-vegan meals   This way when things get really tough they will not resort to eating a non-vegan diet because it is less expensive.

I believe that if our country adopts austerity measures without rioting then we will pull through and again will have a strong economy.  Yes, it will be tough for a while but that is far better than going into a full blown depreciation and possibly a total disintegration of our economy.  Part of this austerity program may be an even deeper cuts and more  will lose their jobs.   The USA pulled out of its last depression plus we did the same with the previous two depressions.  It was not easy but we did it.  The last depression started in 1929 and by 1933 we hit a peak unemployment rate of 24.9%.  That did not even count the fact that many took part time jobs, jobs way below their skill levels, and those that totally dropped out of the work force.  

For the last several years I have been asking friends to become debt free.  I predicted what we are now going through.  I became very strong with my advice when Bush pushed the two tax cuts and his stimulus plan.  Maybe they kept us out of an immediate depression but it just set us up for a much worse one in a few more years.  Then Obama made the situation even worse by coming up with an even larger stimulus bill.  Now he pushed through an extension of the Bush tax cuts which is going to make our financial future much worse.  The way the USA goes, so goes the world.  Just as we now have a world wide recession, we are going, in my opinion, to have a world wide depression.  People can not borrow their way out of debt and neither can countries.  We never seem to learn that lesson.  A depression teaches that lesson and it teaches it fast.  

Insert date: 2010-12-24 Last update: 2016-02-11

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