Debt Free & Veganism

For years I have been asking my friends and other people that will listen that they should work to become debt free.  I ask them to get rid of their credit cards.  I also ask them to build up a reserve fund (also known as an emergency fund) in case they loose their job they would have enough money to live for no less than six months.  Well, almost no one listened to me.  Today we have an unemployment rate of 9.8%, not counting those that quit looking or took part time work or became under employed.  Those few that took my advice today are in a much better position than their fellow citizen. 

Is it too late to become debt free, quit using credit cards, and building up a reserve fund?  No!  It is never too late.  Even if you did not loose your job this time around, you still could become unemployed.  So the closer you are to this ideal will make that time much easier.  One of the ways to get to this point is by not eating out and instead eating a basic vegan diet.  There are many kinds of beans that are very inexpensive and very nutritious.  There is pasta and rice.  Tofu is high in protein, low in calories, and very reasonable in price.  Even though Amy's meals, and other ready made meals, are delious, fast, and convient, they should be avoided while you are getting out of debt.  You may also learn to love cooking. 

After you get out of debt, build up a reserve fund, and quit using credit cards you will not only be able to survive this recession but you will come out much stronger.  Being debt free is a major part of being free.  Be free to start your own business, take a job that does not pay as much but one that you would love, or to invest and live off your investments.  The choice is yours and can become a reality if you become debt free. 

Insert date: 2010-12-05 Last update: 2016-02-11

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