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In the December 2010 issue of US News & World Reports and their last issue (yes, they will stop publishing their paper magazine as of this issue), they had the magazine filled with 50 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2011.  Starting on page 16, number one is an article called "Try a New Twist on the Atkins Diet".  

The sub title is "Make Tasty Plant-Based Meals that are Low in Carbs and Saturated Fats".  It is all about a vegan diet without calling it vegan.  They mentioned that former president Bill Clinton shed more than 20 pounds after accepting a plant-based diet.  I did not know that he had Dr. Dean Ornish, a cardiologist, as a physician consultant since 1993.  They quote a study published in September in the Annuls of Internal Medicine" several times.  The article hits the animal-protein diet of Atkins and others real hard.  They back it up with solid scientific studies.  They are calling this diet "Eco-Atkins".  I do not care what they are calling it.  I just love that they are advocating a vegan diet.  Hopefully this will save millions of animals over the years.  Please read the article and share it with your family and friends.  You also might enjoy the other 49 ways to improve your life. 

Insert date: 2010-11-21 Last update: 2016-02-11

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