Hunting--Constitutional Right

South Carolina voted that hunting is a constitutional right.  Most of us feel that this was a blow to our movement.  I disagree!  At first look it does look bad but at second look it can be very good.  What?  How could something so anti-animal be good?  Let me explain.

 It is a fact of life that hunting is a constitutional right.  That is not just in South Carolina but also with the US Constitution.  It does not say it in words but it also does not say that it is against it.  So it is a defacto right.  I wish that when our founding fathers wrote our Constitution they placed protections for animals.  I know that it would not have happened since hunting animals was considered normal back then.  I still wish that it would have happened.  The South Carolina amendment was a mute point since in effect they already had that "right".  What it did do was to irritate many animal protectionists.  Hopefully that will cause them to work harder for laws protecting animals. 

So what seems like a bad move on the part of the people of South Carolina may just turn out to be our wake up call.  At least I hope that is the case.  We need to stop being passive and start being proactive.  If we all joined together and started a movement to bring awareness to the plight of the animals our numbers could make a major difference.  Of course we could not start with trying to get everyone to become vegan but we could start with working on getting people to eat less flesh and eating more vegetables, nuts, and fruits.  We have the backing of science.  They have not gone so far as to advocate a vegan diet but they do advocate a diet with more nuts, fruits, and vegetables.  They also want people to eat less flesh, dairy, and eggs.  We can use that to our advantage.  If we were able to get everyone in the world to decrease their consumption of flesh by 50% it would be the equivalent of about three and a half billion new vegans and it would save billions of animals.  It is easy to get people to cut back on their consumption of flesh while increasing their fruits, nuts, and veggies.  Getting people to become vegan is difficult.  So let us take the easier route to save animals. 

Insert date: 2010-11-04 Last update: 2010-11-04

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