US Constitution

 The Constitution is a very well written document.  To think that over 225 years ago "men" got together to write something that they all could agree with.  It dissolved the Federation of States and created the United States of American.   It was signed on 17 September 1787.  In December 1787 the first three States ratified it.  In 1788 eight more States ratified it.  In 1789 North Carolina ratified it and finally in May 1790 Rhode Island ratified it.  It was the most advanced move that any country ever made prior to that date.

Our Constitution was never meant to be a static document.  We have already amended the Constitution 27 times.  Hopefully within my life time we will amend it to extend protections for animals including not eating them, no expermentation on them, and using them in any way for mans "pleasure".

Insert date: 2010-10-27 Last update: 2010-10-27

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