What the world needs is more education.   I am not only talking about college.   I am talking about making birth control methods available to junior high and high school students.  We also need to teach them how to use them correctly.   We strongly need to teach respect for people no matter what religion, race, creed, national origin, sex, or sexual preference they are.  

 Most people do not understand even the most basic elements of economics.   We need to teach children basic economics.   Of course we want to teach math, English and Spanish (in the USA), computers, and other courses that we now teach.   School should last eleven months instead of the traditional eight months that kids now go to school.  Also we should make the class day longer with more breaks between classes along with more physical exercise.  Lunch should be free and healthy.  Of course it would be nice if the lunches were vegan but I seriously doubt that we could sell that. 

I am 69 with no children and of course no grand children but I would still like to see some of my tax money to go to improved education.   With the longer hours in schools we should have two teachers for each grade in elementary school.  With shorter hours for the teachers they will have far more energy to teach better than they do now.  Exercise is very important to all ages and it is something that is not stressed in most schools.  Two problems with exercise in schools is that many kids are allowed to sit out any kind of exercise.  They should be required to do some kind of exercise.  The second problem is sports in junior high and high school.  They are so much into winning and tournaments so most of the kids sit on the side lines and receive no exercise. 

Education should be more than memorization.  Experimentation is far better.  When I taught electronics I use to let my students make mistakes and often they would destroy electronic componets.  They learned far more than if I kept them from making mistakes.  When I taught business I would allow my students to make mistakes and work on the problems until they work out the answers.  Throughout my life I have learned by making mistakes as well as I have learned by doing things right the first time.  Education should be fun and educational.


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