Leaving Veganism


I have talked to several ex-vegans and I have heard so many excuses for why they 
left veganism.  The major reason they gave was that their health would not allow 
them to be vegan.  This is so much against modern science.  I can not find any 
reason that a person could not be a vegan for health reasons.  What I believe is 
actually happening is that they could not stand up to society.  They are 
conformists!  What really bothers me is that they could not be honest and just 
say that they could not stand up to society.  Instead they look for excuses and 
they use a lie about their health.  That makes veganism look bad to people 
looking into becoming vegan.  For every one person that uses the excuse of 
health problems I can find many more that had their health improve by being 
on a vegan diet.


My health has improved since I became a vegan 14 years ago this month.  I have 
two leaky heart valves but they are not going to replace them with mechanical 
valves since my arteries are so clean.  At 69 most people my age have arteries 
that are so clogged that they are a heart attack just waiting to happen.  It has 
also kept my COPD from getting worse even though medical doctors are not sure 
why my veganism is helping with this problem.  When I was a vegetarian, I was 
diagnosed as a borderline diabetic.  A couple of years ago they said that I no 
longer was a diabetic.  I have been told by some MD's that they know that 
veganism is the best diet but they were honest enough to also say that they
were not "strong" enough to be a vegan. 

So if you have decided to leave veganism, or maybe in the future, please be
honest enough to admit that you just were not strong enough to be a vegan.  
Realize that you are hurting your health, the animals, and the environment.  
Also realize that you are bowing to society when you go back to eating flesh.  
At least I respect the honesty when an ex-vegan admits that they just were 
not strong enough to be a vegan.  What I really respect are new vegans and 
long term vegans that stand up to the pressures of society.

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