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 This year has gone down as the hottest in recorded history.  There are still those that say that it is just a freak occurrence.  They quote a few so called scientists that deny global warming.  A few of those even say that global warming exists but it has nothing to do with human interaction.  Remember that these doubter scientists are in the minority.  Some talk show hosts only look at these few doubters and bypass the majority of scientists.  I am going to look at this totally from a different viewpoint.

 Let us say that the naysayers are right and that humans can do anything to the environment and it will not cause global warming.  Well, it still makes sense to do what us that believe in global warming are doing.  If we drive a high mileage hybrid car we still save gas and that decreases our reliance on imported oil.  We believe that it also helps decrease global warming but we still can approach them with the less reliance on imported oil argument.  Conservation again can be argued from the same standpoint.   Almost, if not everything, that we promote can also be used from the standpoint of saving imported oil. 

We can also show how our beliefs saves money.  If we use less gas we save money.  If we practice conservation we save money. 

We can also show how a highly insulated home will feel much better and at a much lower cost of heating and cooling.  So we can reach many of the naysayers but talking about what they believe in.  We can also show them how solar or wind energy will decrease the reliance on foreign oil.  That also saves money.  So we can reach the same goal by approaching it in a different way.  I use to work hard getting people to become vegan.  Oh, I got a few to do so but it was not as many as I now get to cut back on their consumption of flesh, dairy, and eggs.  I now use a similar approach as I talk about above.  I now show people that their health can be improved considerably by cutting back.  This is backed up by most medical doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists.  Remember that if everyone in the world, on average, would cut their consumption by at least 50%, it would be equal to over three billion new vegans.  That sure would save a lot of animals.  So let us try some new approaches to help the environment by stressing the money savings, the decrease reliance on imported oil, comfort, and conservation.  IT WORKS!

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