Promoting Veganism

We need vegans to go on Survivor, Big Brother, and some of the other realty shows.  So far they have had vegetarians but they all gave in and ate bugs, flesh, and other non-vegetarian things.  On Big Brother this season they had a Jew that I had to respect because he never gave in and ate non-kosher foods or gave up any of his Jewish practices.  It built up a lot of respect for Judaism.  I think that a vegan going on these programs and not giving in even if it costs him or her to be voted off will do a lot of good for veganism.  Also if they do not do what the others do by lying, cheating, and deceiving it will show that veganism is more than just diet.  They could teach so much about what veganism is.

To get on one of these reality shows you should create a video and stress that you are an ethical vegan and you will not give up your vegan morality for anything.  It also helps if you are good looking but it is not an absolute to get on any of these shows.  Remember there is a small chance that you will actually win and the prizes are anywhere from a quarter of a million dollars to a million dollars.  In reality I really doubt that a vegan could win but at least you can give veganism a lot of good publicity if you live up to veganism principles. 

These shows love diversity.  They almost always have someone that is gay and at least one person that is Black.  So they would love to have an ethical vegan.  They would do almost anything to get you to eat something that is non-vegan including offering you a large sum of money to do so.  Just do not give in for any sum of money or prices.

One other thing to remember is that even if you do not win you still get to go on various shows and you get paid to appear on those shows.  That could easily add up to thousands of dollars.  Those shows would surely ask you about veganism so you would again have a chance to promote veganism and get paid for doing so.  How could you loose and veganism would almost surely win.

Insert date: 2010-07-30 Last update: 2016-02-11

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