Females in Danger

Females are in danger in the USA and most parts of the world.  Little girls and even baby girls are being abducted, raped, and murdered.  Teenager girls can not even walk anywhere without having to worry about worring about their safety.  Young women have to worry about the same thing that teenage girls do plus they have to worry about the men that they live with.  More and more young women are being killed by their husbands or boyfriends.  Even older women are not safe.  I personally know of several women that have been raped.  Some of these women were raped by their fathers when they were girls.

Some men are players who only want to see how many women that they can have sex with.  Some men love getting women pregnant because they feel that they are more of a man for every child that they have.  Some men are on a power trip.  They just want control of another human being.  These men, which are a large minority of men, do not care how many lives that they ruin.  That is sickness of our modern society.  Instead of society trying to stop these kinds of abuse, men especially actually encourage some of these actions.

Women have to go through pregnancies and child birth.  They get the fastest growing cancer (cervical cancer).  They also get breast cancer and have to have their breasts removed.  Many of them feel that this takes away their womanhood.  It does not but this is what they believe.  Women have to play the society game.  They get their breasts enlarged and go on starvation diets because they feel they have to live up to what society feels that women should look like.  They also have to spend a large part of their salaries on clothing including shoes. 

I am glad that I am a man but I can also sympathize with females and not just because I have two sisters and several female friends.  I want to see any man that has raped a woman serve a long prison sentence.  The second time I would like them to be castrated along with another long prison sentence.  I want to see anyone, man or woman, that murders anyone receive a life sentence with no chance of parole.  I could easily write much more but you get the picture.  Every day females are being beaten, raped, put into captivity, or killed.  We need to change society with education, morality, and we need to give much stronger sentences.

I believe that ethical vegans are far less likely to abuse females because of our deep respect for life.  Therefore, if we could help society to see the value of a vegan diet we in turn would see less crime and injustice.  Hopefully in a vegan world women will no longer be in danger.  It would be great for them to be able to go for walks by themselves, go places by themselves, not worry about being raped when on a date, and the other worries that they now have concerning their safety.  We need a vegan world.

Insert date: 2010-07-16 Last update: 2016-02-11

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