I talked to a friend of mine this afternoon.  He is almost a vegan.  He does eat flesh when he goes to a friends home.  He mainly eats vegan for health reasons.  He told me about one of his friends.  She had cancer and was in a wheel chair.  They started giving her vegan meals with a huge amount of veggies and fruits.  I forget the length of time that they had her on this vegan diet but after a period of time she was cured.  She now is out of her wheel chair and her doctors can no longer find any cancer.

This is not the only time that I heard of similar stories.  When I was a vegetarian I was found to be a type 2 diabetic.  Six months after I became a vegan I was no longer listed as a diabetic.  That was 14 years ago and all of my blood tests still show that I am no longer a diabetic. 
A few months ago I was told by my optomologist surgeon that I had macular degeneration.  He told me that it can not be reversed.  He also told me that a vegan diet is the best diet to SLOW going blind.  I ask him if he was a vegan since he recommended a vegan diet.  He said that he was too lazy to eat that diet even though he knew it was the best diet for the eyes.  He also recommended that I take some high amounts of certain vitiams.  He also suggested that I do not take over a certain amount of vitamin E.  I followed his suggestions.  Tuesday I had another appointment with the doctor.  It has been about four months since he first found out that I had macular degeneration.  He could not believe it.  My macular degeneration is not as bad as it was four months ago. 

I am not suggesting that a vegan diet will cure everything.  I am just saying that a vegan diet has helped me and many others.  Remember that there are more reasons for being a vegan other than just ones health.  I became a vegan for ethical reasons and in my opinion that is the best reason.  Comparing a non-vegan diet with a vegan diet and you will see that as a vegan will save thousands of animals in their lifetime.  They will also do a lot for the environment.  Just look at how much methane that each cow puts out.  Since a vegan does not eat cows it means less methane into the atmosphere.  So vegans generally have better health, saves animals, and helps the environment.

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