Man's Inhumanity to the Other Animals.

Big Spring, Texas passed an excellent city ordnance over a year ago.  Dogs are not allowed to be tied up in someones yard.  They must be placed in a fenced yard with water and shade. 

Several years ago I saw a dog in the shelter of the Humane Society in Big Spring where the dog had been tied up with a thin cable.  The skin had grown around the cable and the poor dogs neck was highly infected with pus oozing out from where the cable was.  His or her neck even had some kinds of insects in the smelly sick mess.  They saved him or her but I was surprised that they could do it.  I believe if you had seen this poor dog you would have cried.  It was really horrible.  I gave the dog some loving and s/he just ate it up.  S/he was so friendly and missed having affection.  I am pleased to tell you that the "owner" of this wonderful dog had criminal charge against them.

I do not know the results of the court case but I can tell you that Texans consider animals as commodities and the laws are very strong against anyone who abuse their "ownership".  You have heard that Texans hang anyone that steals a persons horse.  Well, Texas no longer hangs horse thefts but the sentences are still very strict.  They are probably the hardest sentences in the country.

Most shelters will allow you to climb in the cages with the dogs and cats to give them some loving and to get them to again trust humans.  I always loved my time with the animals but I had to stop.  I wanted to take them all home and I knew that I could not.  It just broke my heart.  It is so sad to see what the human animal is doing to the other animals.  The animal holocaust MUST end and we MUST help to put an end to it.

Insert date: 2010-07-04 Last update: 2010-07-04

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