Giving Up to Help

I would like to ask you a few questions.  Would you give up one year of your time to work hard for veganism if you could double the number of vegans in the world?  Would you give up a years income to double the number of vegans in the world?  If you would not do either than what would you do in order to double our numbers?

If you could earn one million dollars for the hardest month that you ever worked, would you do it?  The hours would be long and hard.  You would get very little sleep and you would be extremely tired.  You would work the month straight without a break.  Now you have a choice.  You could do it or you could forget it.  Which of the two choices would you take?

Here is a third choice.  You could take a penny the first day and double it the second day.  Then each day after that you would double that and add what you already earned.  So now which would you take?

You do not have to give up a year of work or your salary for the year.  Some money and some time can make a difference.  As far as the penny doubled each day: If you took the penny and kept doubling it and accumulated the amount you would have $10.7 million at the end of the month.  How does that story about the penny being doubled each day have to do with veganism?  It just shows that if each of us would just get one other person to become vegan and each new vegan would get another person to join us, than our numbers will explode.  We will be able to have a vegan world before 2050. 


It is also important to keep each vegan, vegan.  When a vegan leaves veganism they often rationalize their decision.  They will say things like their health became horrible and when they went back to eating "meat", dairy, and eggs their health improved greatly.  It would not be true but they use it as an excuse.  I have also heard some say that they went back because veganism hurt their social life.  Again an excuse.  I know that I would not want to eat one of my friends just so I would be accepted by some very shallow people.  My flesh eating friends are real friends and they accept me as I am.  I do not need shallow friends and neither do you.  We are who we are.

Insert date: 2010-06-25 Last update: 2016-02-11

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