First Blog Entry

This is the first blog entry in Doc's VEGAN Blog.  I will try to blog once a week.  In these blogs I will be covering topics that represents what VEGAN 2050 is all about.  At least 50% of the blogs will cover vegan, environmental, animal protection, and health.  I am hoping that some of these topics will stimulate discussions on VEGAN Mailing List.  I am no longer a subscriber to the list and it is not because I do not like the list.  I ran it for about 12.5 years.  I just had to leave the list because I am writing a book and it takes a lot of time when I add it to my other business ventures.  In some of my future blogs I will be talking about some business tips on how to become debt free and how to become rich.  I will not go off topic more than 50% of the time. 

I want to say something about VEGAN 2050.  On 17 June 2010 VEGAN 2050 will be 13 years old.  During that time it has evolved from Vegan Mailing List to VEGAN Mailing List to VEGAN to VEGAN 2050.  It now has VEGAN Mailing List, VEGAN Resource Library, VEGAN Q & A, VEGAN Ads, and now this blog.  VEGAN 2050 will contiune growing and will continue helping people to see the value of becoming vegan and staying vegan.  I hope you will enjoy this blog every week. 


Insert date: 2010-06-16 Last update: 2010-06-16

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