Today the USA is 244 years old. It has not all been perfect. We fought our War of Independence, the War of 1812, our Civil war, and other wars.
We got rid of slavery, we allowed women to vote, and more. We generally keep getting better ever decade. Even though we are a flesh eating Christian country, I am allowed to be a vegan Buddhist. I have been to many countries throughout the world and there is no other country that I would rather be a citizen of. I served 12 years in the US Naval Reserve, five years US Air Force, and five years in the US Air Force reserve. I did that not only help protect my country but to helped other countries to have freedom in a free enterprise country. We won WWII and could have kept Germany, Italy, Japan, and other countries but instead we helped those countries to become free and we give up our rights to those countries. Again we are not perfect but we keep working towards
that goal.


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