Phasing in green energy

I will be going back to bed soon but I felt that I needed to say something. I consider myself an environmentalist but I feel that it needs to be phased in. There is no way that we can have 100% solar and wind tomorrow or even within a year. I wish that it was possible but it just can not happen that soon.

We closed down the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the USA. Let us look at it realistically. We now are transporting oil from Canada by rail and 18 wheelers. This increases pollution since the pipeline has almost no pollution but rail and trucks pollutes a lot.

If you drive in Texas, Oklahoma, and several other oil states you will see natural gas being burned off by flaming. If you lived down here you will see the fire from the smoke stacks polluting the air. We need to capture the natural gas and use it here instead of trying to transport it to the gulf coast or burning it into the air. A little logic will go a long way. As we phase out oil over many years and phase in clean energy we will not have to worry about oil for transportation.

Electric vehicles are the future but it has to be phased in. I drive a Chevy Volt (a hybrid electric car) and a Nissan Leaf (100% electric car) and I love both. I would love to see everyone driving an electric car but they just could not produce all the vehicles to fulfill the demand. They have to be realistic and phase in the electric vehicle.

So what I am saying, we would love to move to the future right away but we have to be realistic and phase in the future.

Dr. Weseloh 

Insert date: 2021-04-23 Last update: 2021-04-23

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