The food distribution network

This is written on 29 April 2020 so when you read it, it may be outdated. Milk is being poured down the drain and animals are being slaughtered and buried in the ground. The news media states that they have no other choice because the distribution network is destroyed. That is true but let us look at it in a different way. They say that they can not distribute milk and flesh because there is just too much of each that can not get to market. The different way to look at it is if we were all vegan the distribution network would still be overwhelmed. Unlike flesh, fruits and veggies could be distributed to market much easier. What would supermarket do with live animals? They could not let them run free in the markets but fruits and veggies could stack up until people bought them. This is just one more reason to go vegan.

Insert date: 2020-04-29 Last update: 2020-04-29

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