Fran Hutcherson

 I have been reading posts that I made to VEGAN Mailing List for five years in order to pull out business posts for the book that I have been working on.  I have reread many posts written by Fran Hutcherson.  Sometime we were on the same side of an issue and other times we were on the opposite sides.  That was OK because she always made me think.  Let me tell you about this fantastic vegan activist. 

 She wrote a huge number of letters to do things that would help the animals.  Yes, she was an ethical vegan.  I say "was" because Fran died.  She died of cervical cancer.  She was around 60 years old.  She was not a vegan for health reasons but let me tell you something.  Cervical cancer is the fastest growing cancer that we know of.  Almost no one survives it more than once.  She survived it four or five times.  That is almost an impossibility.  She felt that it was because of her vegan diet.  She is survived by her husband and two daughters.  Her daughters are both vegan and so are their children.  Her husband never became a vegan or even a vegetarian and that was a sadness in her life even though she was madly in love with him.

For many years she considered me a friend and I also considered her a friend.  Toward the end of her life and because of the chemo therapy she started having trouble with her memory.  Even though she worked as a court reporter and she was able to type at a fantastic speed with almost a 100% accuracy, in her last months she started making many typing mistakes and grammatic mistakes.  It was so sad seeing this happen.  Right up to the end she worked for the animals and veganism. 

Telephone calls, letters, donations, and many other things were what she did for the animals and veganism.  She did not just talk the talk.  She walked the walk.  We need more vegan activists like her. 

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